Beyonce Won’t Quit

In her seemingly, never-ending quest to turn everyone completely off, Beyonce has banned all pro-tographers from snapping her royal delusional self while performing during her tour. In turn, the media is paying for pics from iPhone photographers and posting those.  We all know Beyonce and her alters take themselves way too seriously.  Between her and her husband, they are ruining any legacy they may have been able to establish. Both of them are headed downhill head first. Once you reach the top of the mountain, there’s nowhere else to go but down. I bet Matthew is somewhere laughing uncontrollably. I find it interesting that the media seems to be turning against her and Jay. I know the Obamas are distancing themselves from the Carters because of that Cuba thing, but is that it? Or is everybody just tired of them?  You can see that her nonstop lifestyle is catching up to her. Early thirties my ass.