Lauryn Inks With Sony


Lauryn Hill was given two weeks to pay her tax debt, and inked a million dollar deal with Sony. I hate they got her by the balls, but I understand the need for her to stay out of prison. This will be interesting. I wonder if she’s going to pull a Prince and release some garbage to honor this this contract. It will be interesting to see how this plays out giving her dislike for the industry.


Jay should’ve stayed in school

Jay-Z may have hit an unexpected pothole in the road to cheating athletes out of their money. In order to actively recruit athletes, he has to be certified. In order to be certified, he must have a degree. In order to have a degree, he needs a GED.  What smart business man doesn’t do basic research before embarking on a new business venture? One who thinks that everyone and everything is for sale. Maybe he should’ve sat in on a couple of classes with his wife.

The Biggest Loser Of 2013 And The Year’s Still Young

    Former correctional officer, deep cover industry snitch, and all around idiot Rick Ross should be the poster child for why one should think before one speaks. The tatted rhino is feeling the heat after spewing some shit about slipping a molly in someone’s drink on the track U.O.E.N.O. instead of taking responsibility and going away, he tries to pull a fast one and accuse the public of misinterpreting his lyrics, then when that failed he tweets two lame apologies.  Now he’s on the verge of losing his endorsement with Reebok, and who knows what else was in the works. Serves him right, my question is how many women has he done this to?  If you are not a rapist, why would you condone,and glorify this? Why would this thought even be in your head? Good job asshole. I wonder what Beyfeminist is going to write and post on her Instagram.