Mimi Faust Cleans Up

Although a big hit with drones everywhere, I cannot stand the highly rated plantation extravaganza Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The bit that I did see was like All My Children meets Mad Dog 20/20.  Reality Television is turning out wannabe entrepreneurs by the handful. Some have good ideas, some have weird ideas, and some are downright predictable.  Don’t misunderstand,  I’m all for women in business for themselves being that I make my own jewelry, but do we really need another shoe, makeup, or clothing line?

Mimi Faust of LHHATL is no different….well maybe she is. As the owner of her own cleaning service which she started before appearing on the novella on VH1, Mimi proves that she’s got a brain, drive and ambition and that’s a wonderful thing. Here’s Mimi explaining what she does and how she does it.

“Yes, I own a cleaning service, I do residential and commercial property mostly for a higher-end clientele. Most of my clients are athletes, entertainers, business type people with million dollar plus homes. I do detailed cleaning. The misconception is that people call me a maid. I am not a maid, I do not have a maid service. We do detailed cleaning, we will come and do your closets—organize them, do your kitchen cabinets, children’s rooms, things like that.”

Good for you Mimi! Free promotion is everything.



   Joe Budden In Concert - October 26, 2010


Another season of Love and Hip Hop wrapped last week, followed by the obligatory reunion show.  It’s funny that Mona Scott Young just had to moderate. I know she’s just as thirsty as the cast. I seem to recall her being on stage with Missy Elliot at one of these award shows while ME accepted some award. And of course she just happened to bring her baby in a Gucci carrier….ummmm yeah that’s thirsty.

I’m assuming that was MSY since ME was with Violator.  I’ve got all kinds of issues with this one, but that’s for another day.   Not too long ago, I covered a situation with LAHH cast member Joe Budden who was being accused of causing then tossup Esther Baxter to miscarry her fetus. This chirp really took a pic and sent it into Bossip.  Anyway, I told you that Joe was on a come up mission, then he gets LAHH. Anyway, Joey is planning to record his 3rd album with Slaughterhouse.  I guess he’s going to try and milk this newfound “fame” for all its worth. RME.  I’m sure dude has his followers, but to me he’s the Kenya Moore of LAHH. That entire Joe loves Tahiry storyline was just that: a story. Not to mention dude seems like he loves a good Gone-With-The-Wind-Fabulous twirl.