Uncle Sam Says Immunize Your Kids…Or Else!



It’s common knowledge that the government monitors all social media, and now they are looking for any negative comments regarding their immunizations. Citing an outbreak of the measles in the UK as the result of parents exercising their parental, and god given right not to have their children injected

Pre-emptive action in childhood to promote immunizations might prime the minds of future parents, health-care providers, journalists, and politicians with a positive attitude towards immunization. The benefits and risks of immunization could be discussed in schools as part of history, politics, science, health, and ethics courses. This approach might lead to a stronger sense of the value of immunizations for both the individual and the public.”

This sounds like those lame-assed excuses they were giving about introducing homosexual studies to grade school children.  Why do children need to know about immunizing children they don’t have yet?   How much would you bet that drug companies are experiencing a hit in their bottom lines as more and more parents are realizing that these vaccinations are a hoax?





Lauryn Inks With Sony


Lauryn Hill was given two weeks to pay her tax debt, and inked a million dollar deal with Sony. I hate they got her by the balls, but I understand the need for her to stay out of prison. This will be interesting. I wonder if she’s going to pull a Prince and release some garbage to honor this this contract. It will be interesting to see how this plays out giving her dislike for the industry.