Kris Jenner: Party Of One

Kris Jenner- devoted mother, pimp, and all around money grubbing Hollywood tool, has a talk show in the works.  Kris is set to hit the stage in July, and has been rejected by the hollywood elite who will not be appearing on her show.  Kris is finding out that despite the money she makes pimping her children to the masses has failed to make her respected. Since Kanye put the brakes on her whoring out his unborn child Pimpin’ Kris needs another stream of income.   She thought she’d be following in Oprah‘s footsteps, but the difference between Kris and Oprah is that Oprah’s better at hiding her dirt.

A source told the US edition on Star magazine: ”Kris thought Hollywood’s biggest names would be lining up to come on her show but they’re not even taking her calls, It’s gotten so bad that she is relying on her business partner Ryan Seacrest to pull in the celebrities but even he seems to be striking out. Not many stars want to be associated with Kris or her show.”

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Lol @ Pimpin’ Kris using Ryan as bait!


Kim, Kanye, And Floral Print

          Bad fashion happens to desperate people. Kim Kardashian showed up to the Mets red carpet looking matronly and school marmish in this stuffy frock. This is so wrong on many levels! The print is hideous, and to add insult to injury there’s the gloves! This may be acceptable as a slipcover or kitchen curtains, but not a dress! Usually Kim’s fashion is good, but this is horrid.  Am I the only one who thinks that once that baby comes, Kanye will take it from her?  I also didn’t like Beyta’s Givenchy gown with a slit up to there and matching thigh high boots. The boots are ferocious but not with that dress.  It is just a bit too drag-queen for me. All that’s missing is a fan.    


Queens Will Never Be Queens

As the PTB continue to push the homosexual agenda in hopes of decreasing the world’s population, and destroying the black man ( and therefore the black family), we are seeing more of an acceptance of men dressing like women on television.

” whoever controls the media controls the mind “

                                                                                                            – jim morrison Yes ladies and gentlemen, the drag queen culture has been stamped and approved by the masses! So much so that they now have black  women enforcing the very stereotypes that continue to dog us.  If you don’t believe me, tune into your dumb box on any given night and sip some “tea” with the ladies of Bravo’s Married To Medicine. Still don’t believe me? Then “hunty” you’ve not seen “Miss” Lawrence serving up red lipstick and stilettos on the RHOA, and “throwing shade” with his toupee “laid” like a toupee, ruffles and bows on the Fashion Queens. And then there’s internet sensation B.Scott, who looks so much like a woman, it’s scary. But the ultimate has to be JOSE-line over on LAHH ATL doing it for “the Gawds” with its strong jaw, broad shoulders, and huge he-feet and hands.  It is disheartening to see women emulating this behavior. These cross dressers and transsexuals can stuff their feet into heels, don makeup and fake hair, or even go as far as to have breast implants and their man parts nipped and tucked, but the fact remains….they are still men. Is this why they seem to dislike women so much? Why are we allowing these insecure, bitter people to define us?  When will we break the mental shackles and reclaim our queendom from these imposters? Please stop buying into this foolishness! I know men who are gay. They seem to realize that although they are men who are attracted to men…..they are still men. If you want equality stop trying so hard to be something you clearly aren’t. And yes, that was a read!