Jay-Bey Play The Blue Card In Paris

Photos of an adorable Blue Carter “popped” up on the internet today. She’s definitely a doll, despite the fact that she has an arrogant camel for a daddy. Of course both Jay and Bey had to get pics of them holding Blue while gazing lovingly into the camera. Do they go anywhere without a personal photographer?  Folks are wondering why Blue is always dressed like a little boy, and why Bey couldn’t do her hair. Could Blue be the next Shiloh? I guess time will tell.

Anyway, I have no problem with her hair, but what I do have a problem with is these two clowns using this baby as a get out of jail free card. Ever since Blue touched down, these two treat her like a doll they can pull down off the shelf, and parade around whenever their public image takes a bump.  I don’t care how many pictures they release, it will not help those faltering careers they seem hell bent on destroying with the dumb shit they do. By the by… I find it extremely odd that they never, not once have released a picture of the three of them together. You can tell that Beyonce has no connection with Blue by the way she holds her.


Lauryn Inks With Sony


Lauryn Hill was given two weeks to pay her tax debt, and inked a million dollar deal with Sony. I hate they got her by the balls, but I understand the need for her to stay out of prison. This will be interesting. I wonder if she’s going to pull a Prince and release some garbage to honor this this contract. It will be interesting to see how this plays out giving her dislike for the industry.

Beyonce Won’t Quit

In her seemingly, never-ending quest to turn everyone completely off, Beyonce has banned all pro-tographers from snapping her royal delusional self while performing during her tour. In turn, the media is paying for pics from iPhone photographers and posting those.  We all know Beyonce and her alters take themselves way too seriously.  Between her and her husband, they are ruining any legacy they may have been able to establish. Both of them are headed downhill head first. Once you reach the top of the mountain, there’s nowhere else to go but down. I bet Matthew is somewhere laughing uncontrollably. I find it interesting that the media seems to be turning against her and Jay. I know the Obamas are distancing themselves from the Carters because of that Cuba thing, but is that it? Or is everybody just tired of them?  You can see that her nonstop lifestyle is catching up to her. Early thirties my ass.

Mimi Faust Cleans Up

Although a big hit with drones everywhere, I cannot stand the highly rated plantation extravaganza Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The bit that I did see was like All My Children meets Mad Dog 20/20.  Reality Television is turning out wannabe entrepreneurs by the handful. Some have good ideas, some have weird ideas, and some are downright predictable.  Don’t misunderstand,  I’m all for women in business for themselves being that I make my own jewelry, but do we really need another shoe, makeup, or clothing line?

Mimi Faust of LHHATL is no different….well maybe she is. As the owner of her own cleaning service which she started before appearing on the novella on VH1, Mimi proves that she’s got a brain, drive and ambition and that’s a wonderful thing. Here’s Mimi explaining what she does and how she does it.

“Yes, I own a cleaning service, I do residential and commercial property mostly for a higher-end clientele. Most of my clients are athletes, entertainers, business type people with million dollar plus homes. I do detailed cleaning. The misconception is that people call me a maid. I am not a maid, I do not have a maid service. We do detailed cleaning, we will come and do your closets—organize them, do your kitchen cabinets, children’s rooms, things like that.”

Good for you Mimi! Free promotion is everything.


Jay should’ve stayed in school

Jay-Z may have hit an unexpected pothole in the road to cheating athletes out of their money. In order to actively recruit athletes, he has to be certified. In order to be certified, he must have a degree. In order to have a degree, he needs a GED.  What smart business man doesn’t do basic research before embarking on a new business venture? One who thinks that everyone and everything is for sale. Maybe he should’ve sat in on a couple of classes with his wife.

Mother of the year goes to……

Over the weekend, d-list actress, basketball mistress, and “friend” of  looney Jackie Christie on Basketball Wives L.A. posted pics of her under-aged daughter kissing her boyfriends penis. What kind of mother does this, and why isn’t she sitting in jail for distributing child pornography? Apparently, this daughter is quite rebellious, and had recently run away from home. Most of the time, when a child acts out this way, there is a reason.  Shaming her buy posting such a personal photo is not going to help her daughter or their relationship. Did I mention the girl is only 16?

Katherine Jackson Smells A Rat!

              Saw this on TMZ. Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live for retaining Conrad Murray, and not supervising him which led to the death of MJ. Katherine is convinced that AEG and Murray have something to hide, and wants to subpoena the jails visitor logs to see if AEG has sent its lawyers to talk to Murray. Some of you may remember, I voiced my suspicions regarding AEG sending Murray to kill MJ for that half of the Beatles catalog worth 300 million – 1 billion dollars. Sony had been after him for years, but Mike refused to sell. Well, Sony got thier catalog, and Murray’s 1 million dollar child support was miraculously paid. Do you think that her kids took her to Arizona so someone could convince her not to file a wrongful death suit against AEG?