Uncle Sam Says Immunize Your Kids…Or Else!



It’s common knowledge that the government monitors all social media, and now they are looking for any negative comments regarding their immunizations. Citing an outbreak of the measles in the UK as the result of parents exercising their parental, and god given right not to have their children injected

Pre-emptive action in childhood to promote immunizations might prime the minds of future parents, health-care providers, journalists, and politicians with a positive attitude towards immunization. The benefits and risks of immunization could be discussed in schools as part of history, politics, science, health, and ethics courses. This approach might lead to a stronger sense of the value of immunizations for both the individual and the public.”

This sounds like those lame-assed excuses they were giving about introducing homosexual studies to grade school children.  Why do children need to know about immunizing children they don’t have yet?   How much would you bet that drug companies are experiencing a hit in their bottom lines as more and more parents are realizing that these vaccinations are a hoax?





She Got A Big Ego


Bravo has turned Nene Leakes into a household name. The original housewife of the Atlanta cast has parlayed her fifteen minutes of fame into a book, and two television shows outside of the Housewives.  It’s been reported that during Bravo upfront Mrs. Leakes was less than interested in taking photos with the show’s advertisers, which have made it possible for Leakes to command 1 million dollars for her 6th season with the show. Over the years, Leakes’ ego has gotten bigger, and bigger and I blame Bravo for creating this monster! As for Nene, I truly think she forgot that she is a black woman, and what Bravo giveth, they damn sure can and will take away.  The truth of the matter is that Nene needs her fellow wives to garner interest.  After all if it weren’t for her endless tirades, neck rolls, and all around abrasiveness she wouldn’t be where she is now…a rich mammy on the Bravo plantation. In other words….         Nene’s other arch enemy Sheree Whitfield was photographed with Basketball Wives L.A.’s Laura Govan, who happens to be one of Nene’s bridesmaids.  You know she’s very territorial about her “friends”.

Kim, Kanye, And Floral Print

          Bad fashion happens to desperate people. Kim Kardashian showed up to the Mets red carpet looking matronly and school marmish in this stuffy frock. This is so wrong on many levels! The print is hideous, and to add insult to injury there’s the gloves! This may be acceptable as a slipcover or kitchen curtains, but not a dress! Usually Kim’s fashion is good, but this is horrid.  Am I the only one who thinks that once that baby comes, Kanye will take it from her?  I also didn’t like Beyta’s Givenchy gown with a slit up to there and matching thigh high boots. The boots are ferocious but not with that dress.  It is just a bit too drag-queen for me. All that’s missing is a fan.    


Jay-Bey Play The Blue Card In Paris

Photos of an adorable Blue Carter “popped” up on the internet today. She’s definitely a doll, despite the fact that she has an arrogant camel for a daddy. Of course both Jay and Bey had to get pics of them holding Blue while gazing lovingly into the camera. Do they go anywhere without a personal photographer?  Folks are wondering why Blue is always dressed like a little boy, and why Bey couldn’t do her hair. Could Blue be the next Shiloh? I guess time will tell.

Anyway, I have no problem with her hair, but what I do have a problem with is these two clowns using this baby as a get out of jail free card. Ever since Blue touched down, these two treat her like a doll they can pull down off the shelf, and parade around whenever their public image takes a bump.  I don’t care how many pictures they release, it will not help those faltering careers they seem hell bent on destroying with the dumb shit they do. By the by… I find it extremely odd that they never, not once have released a picture of the three of them together. You can tell that Beyonce has no connection with Blue by the way she holds her.