Beyonce Starting To Rub Off On Jay



 and trust me that’s no bueno. So we know that gayjaybey recently took an unauthorized jaunt to Cuba, and it raised all kinds of hairs for those who care.  So when the unauthorized trip was called into question that’s when the lying began. First, the US didn’t know, then they flip-flopped and said it was cleared. Somebody is lying!  Instead of staying in his lane, Jay-Z releases his confession in a rap…..

Obama said chill, ‘You gonna get me impeached,’ … We don’t need this s— anyway, chill with me on the beach.

So I knew Nobama fixed things for his special friend, but that should have been the end. This guys ego is so out of control. As I’m reading this I can see Jay-Z with his thumbs stuck in His ears and blowing a raspberry. How dumb and immature can one be. What is it with these two? Instead of talking like real people, the take to a recording studio to send out subliminal messages. Ugh, I can only hope that he really did buy his muskrat an island so they can go there and get out of the public eye.

Jay Sells His Piece Of The Pie

  The human formerly known as Shawn is allegedly selling his ownership shares in the Brooklyn Nets.  Apparently Beyta’s grandfather figure would rather trash the dreams of athletes signed to his newest venture Roc Nation Sports, and since him being a partial owner of the team represents a conflict of interest the owner gig has to go.  Shawn already trapped his first victim, Robinson Cano. Shawn owned 1/15th percent worth about 350k. Somebody’s been watching The Game! So while Jay is out scouting for new booties to sign, you can almost be assured that Mrs. Carter will be bombarding us with more of her obnoxious stunts in her quest to stay relevant.

The Biggest Loser Of 2013 And The Year’s Still Young

    Former correctional officer, deep cover industry snitch, and all around idiot Rick Ross should be the poster child for why one should think before one speaks. The tatted rhino is feeling the heat after spewing some shit about slipping a molly in someone’s drink on the track U.O.E.N.O. instead of taking responsibility and going away, he tries to pull a fast one and accuse the public of misinterpreting his lyrics, then when that failed he tweets two lame apologies.  Now he’s on the verge of losing his endorsement with Reebok, and who knows what else was in the works. Serves him right, my question is how many women has he done this to?  If you are not a rapist, why would you condone,and glorify this? Why would this thought even be in your head? Good job asshole. I wonder what Beyfeminist is going to write and post on her Instagram.


   Joe Budden In Concert - October 26, 2010


Another season of Love and Hip Hop wrapped last week, followed by the obligatory reunion show.  It’s funny that Mona Scott Young just had to moderate. I know she’s just as thirsty as the cast. I seem to recall her being on stage with Missy Elliot at one of these award shows while ME accepted some award. And of course she just happened to bring her baby in a Gucci carrier….ummmm yeah that’s thirsty.

I’m assuming that was MSY since ME was with Violator.  I’ve got all kinds of issues with this one, but that’s for another day.   Not too long ago, I covered a situation with LAHH cast member Joe Budden who was being accused of causing then tossup Esther Baxter to miscarry her fetus. This chirp really took a pic and sent it into Bossip.  Anyway, I told you that Joe was on a come up mission, then he gets LAHH. Anyway, Joey is planning to record his 3rd album with Slaughterhouse.  I guess he’s going to try and milk this newfound “fame” for all its worth. RME.  I’m sure dude has his followers, but to me he’s the Kenya Moore of LAHH. That entire Joe loves Tahiry storyline was just that: a story. Not to mention dude seems like he loves a good Gone-With-The-Wind-Fabulous twirl.