Mother of the year goes to……

Over the weekend, d-list actress, basketball mistress, and “friend” of  looney Jackie Christie on Basketball Wives L.A. posted pics of her under-aged daughter kissing her boyfriends penis. What kind of mother does this, and why isn’t she sitting in jail for distributing child pornography? Apparently, this daughter is quite rebellious, and had recently run away from home. Most of the time, when a child acts out this way, there is a reason.  Shaming her buy posting such a personal photo is not going to help her daughter or their relationship. Did I mention the girl is only 16?


2 thoughts on “Mother of the year goes to……

  1. I guess she thinks that she embarrassed her daughter, but she really made herself look like an ass. I’m sure she could have come up with a better punishment. As a mother, I’d never want the world to see my daughter doing something of that nature, even if I didn’t agree with it.

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